Our Approach


Who We Are

Medication Managers has the largest network of consultant pharmacists across the United States. Wherever there are long term care and assisted living facilities, there is a need for appropriate medication management for patients as well. That’s why we work where you work.

How Does It Work

When you choose Medication Managers, the leading consulting pharmacist company, you get a full service solution that suits the needs of everyone in your community. Because we don’t work on the dispensing or store-front side of the business, we can partner with you to ensure medication utilization, costs and care is at the right level. We are not influenced by anything other than what is best for the resident and the community.

Formed by experienced long term care consultant pharmacists, Medication Managers offers the very best in clinical consulting pharmacists endorsed by many geriatricians and prescribers practicing around the country. From formulary management to drug storage solutions, our consultant pharmacists will tailor solutions to fit your specific needs.

In addition to our full range of services, we provide 24 hour turnaround on consults and new admissions. This means your facility can implement improved processes that will decrease medication burden and increase efficiency of care for your patients and staff.