Consultant pharmacists
guiding medication therapy to
improve efficacy and ensure safety

  • We deliver tailored medication management solutions through our nation wide network of consultant pharmacists

We deliver resident focused and facility centric care through comprehensive, customized medication management services. We work with your staff to eliminate unnecessary medications, optimize formularies and streamline protocols. This results in more efficient, less complicated medication regimens that lead to better patient outcomes, reduced hospitalization and overall costs. Read More

Who We Serve


Long Term Care

You need a consultant pharmacist and we can help! Medication Managers has a nationwide network of consulting pharmacists that are ready to ensure your residents are offered the very best care and your operations are compliant with all regulations. Wherever you are and whatever your need, we have the right solution.

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Assisted Living

Is your facility in need of a consultant pharmacist? Medication Managers is the leading consulting pharmacist company providing tailored solutions to facilities across the United States. Our solutions are designed to improve quality of life and for residents and reduce the risks for communities associated with falls, hospitalizations and other common side effects of medications.

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Our pharmacists have experience in working with group homes that cater to the developmentally disabled. In fact, we are one of the few consulting groups focusing on this specific population. We work with caretakers and resident clients to develop medication solutions that focus on safety and residents to develop quality of life and reduce s that promote safety and enhance lives.

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Our Approach


To provide quality resident care while working jointly with facility administration and the provider pharmacy to provide clinical oversight to medication regimens, cost efficient medication management, and compliance with state and federal regulations. Our services will be tailored to meet the needs of each specific facility so that we can provide the best possible care to residents while building relationships with all disciplines. We will work in cooperation with the dispensing pharmacy to provide oversight in the medication use system and by assuring compliance with state and federal regulations.